Lowerfield Farm

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Windy Thursday, shelterless pigs

Most of the UK has been buffeted by unusually strong winds today, and we've had our share here. Though nothing like the severe storm conditions further north (70-80mph in some towns and cities in Scotland, and 165mph on the top of Cairngorm), there's quite a bit of local damage such as overturned animal housing and damaged trees.
One of our heavy pig shelters has been migrating today and finally ended up in the neighbouring paddock, having been lifted clean over the stock fence. Therefore I opened up the fence between the two pig paddocks to let them all shelter together tonight; it'll be snug! It's the first time the boar has been in with the fattening pigs, so let's hope they get on OK. He's not trained to the electric fence yet so had already pranged his nose a couple of times before I'd come in tonight, rooting about to look for gaps in the fences.
For the bricklayers it's been a demanding one. They kept going through the day and are working on the over-window arches. They've made good progress on what can't have been a comfortable day up on the scaffolding. The heavens opened around dusk, but fortunately I think they had just about packed up by then.

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