Lowerfield Farm

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Building Progress

Digging out floors
Well, the guys have really cracked on with the work this week and we've been fortunate that the weather's been good.
The floor area was excavated, pipework has been reset, the brickwork and blockwork has been built to the damp proof course level, and then on Friday the concrete floors were laid. Worryingly, it started to rain a little in the afternoon on Friday, but by yesterday morning it had cleared up and the concrete's drying well.
New Dining room (not completed!)
While the floor was still being dug out the bricklayers started work in the stables, removing dividing walls and digging up the existing floor. You can see in this picture that it's turning into an impressively sized room. While we were designing it I was wondering whether to go quite so long or retain slightly more for the stables themselves (Meredith & I still hope to have our own equines at some point in the future), but with incorporating the bar area in the dining room this will probably turn out to be a good size.
Walls to dpc
Concrete floors in - End of week 2

For the week ahead: we should see the walls shoot up a pace if the weather holds. One of the really exciting bits! I'm taking plenty of shots, as from past experience we know that a couple of months from now we'll have forgotten that it was ever different.

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